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Mon, 14 Jan 13

January 2013 - Sofitel Bridal Expo



Urban Weddings and Styling Collective have had a fabulous weekend exhibiting at the January 2013 Sofitel Bridal Expo.
As usual, it was a great opportunity to meet Brisbane’s upcoming brides and the high crowd volume kept all exhibitors busy over the three-day show. For those of you who managed to attend, it was fantastic to see you and we hope you enjoyed browsing the stands for inspiration… For those who couldn’t come and see us at the expo, here are a few snapshots of our expo creativity!

‘A Summers Day’

Mellow yellow. Royal yellow. Lemon yellow. Canary yellow. Daffodil yellow. Gold yellow. Mustard yellow. Sunshine… okay, so you get the picture.

The effervescent fizzing of fifty shades of yellow saturate our main table, catching the eyes of passing spectators and luring them to the stand for their fix of pure vitality and absolute bold colour!

Everyone desires that warm, sunny wedding day and by working with Styling Collective, we thought we would show you how to bring the cheerful summer sun to your wedding day, come what may! We created a botanical sanctuary with elements of moss and a little lemon zest, literally.

Soft, yellow table linen, real fruit and an array of yellow flowers in bud vases against the rustic chalkboards with a D.I.Y personal message on display, this garden party, in the height of the summer season, is the perfect way to welcome your guests.

Sunny and vibrant, or pale and romantic – dare to use yellow in a myriad of ways in your celebrations, for example, take a glance at our ornate glass candy jars, filled with cool mint and sour lemon lollies… what a sweet style idea! See the matching ornate favor tags with complimentary yellow ribbon to adorn the candy jars? Mmmm. Lovely.



To captivate the cheer, we designed a feature, which grew to be very popular amongst the crowd… Our yellow pom-pom flower escort cards! This is a brilliant way to bring fun and games to any event, as guests are drawn to the blackboard box and have to seek out their own pom-pom, labeled with their name in their quest for their table.



Aside from the lollies and macaroon favors, we are still in awe over our summer ombre-style cake, which accompanied our summer theme perfectly.


This wedding suite was something really exciting and juicy for us to sink our teeth into – we hope you like it!

‘Classic Silver and White with a touch of Green’


Celebrate your wedding with hues of platinum, silver, white and green for a clean, crisp and classical ambience. A frosty range of silver or chrome wedding accessories are sure to impress and are a popular and flexible option for couples choosing the colour palette for their dream wedding suite. It is safe to say that silver can be paired with almost any other hue.

Muted green and subtle silver compliment both the indoor and outdoor event, offering a natural, elegant, ‘country’ atmosphere. With the use of delicate, sparkling glassware and votives, flickering candlelight, metallic silver charger plates and a sophisticated, silver candelabra stealing the show, we captured the fairytale in our formal display.


The beauty of this wedding suite is that the pale green and silver colour combination can be implemented so quickly and simply by the arrangement of an abundance of green foliage in your décor – even polished silver cutlery makes for a suitable table decoration! The key is to use white liberally too – our tablecloth is a fresh, white linen and we kept the blooms white within our floral choice so that they toed the line where the strict colour palette was concerned, rather than competing with it!


Hanging the table number from our statement candelabra bought height to our table embellishment and it looks so effective swaying in a gentle breeze.
Round menus and place card napkin wraps on metallic cardstock, printed in green and shades of grey enhanced this beautiful wedding suite.


 Stuck for ideas? Check out our matching silver satchel bonboniere bags with ‘Thank you’ favor tags tied on with white ribbon. I love how the ribbon tails trail behind the tag too… Gorgeous.


‘Luscious Vintage’


As time elopes, vintage wedding suites have become increasingly popular and it is certainly a style set to stay.
Our very vintage display made for a romantic, nostalgic and somewhat mysterious setting with antique dark wood furniture, an old-fashioned wooden bookstand for our seating plan, vibrant, rich bursts of deep red and magenta floral arrangements and an ornate mirror table number to reflect the energy and love in this low-lit wedding suite.

These delicious and beautifully bewitching florals, designed by Bouquet Boutique, gloriously adorned the ivory table silk, which flowed to the floor with utter elegance.

And you can’t possibly achieve this timeless, authentic vintage without the kiss of regal gold. With our gold charger plates and in particular our tea-light holders, you can see that all that glitters is gold.

What we love about vintage is that an eclectic mix of trinkets and accessories really allows freedom for couples to showcase their personality and represent who they are on their special day. As you may notice, we filled our vintage 1768 chests with flowers and stacked them as a centerpiece amongst our glass, silver and gold mercury bottles – this is a table setting inspired by time travel and adventure.
Expo visitors were drawn to our wishing well birdcage; I certainly think this is a delightful idea when it comes to approaching a wedding suite, vintage style!
Not forgetting our scrumptious, colour co-ordinated macaroon sweet favors – as you can imagine, these really went down a treat… We designed these delicate nametags with purple ribbon to assist the theme and this vivid, floral, patterned stationery hidden amongst the décor here and there just enhances the pretty picture.


We cannot wait for the next expo so we can showcase our ideas... Now we begin work on stationery for Victoria Park's Open Night tomorrow! :)

Sun, 6 Jan 13

Anna & Cameron

Happy New Year!


We hope you have all had a cracking Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2013 - from Urban Weddings! We are looking forward to another prosperous year!

And finally... :) We have been waiting patiently to show you how we created a classic wedding suite with a rustic twist, for our lovely couple, Anna and Cameron, who chose to marry on 20th December 2012 in the most glorious, breath-taking Banff, in Canada. 


Fairmont Springs Hotel, Banff, Canada

I know what you're thinking... WOW. Right?

When Anna and Cameron asked us to create the stationery for their big day to compliment the amazing, inspirational wedding venue of Fairmont Springs Hotel, we were honored, excited and eager to experiment with some new ideas!

With this maginificently stunning scenery and grand setting for a magical wedding day, it posed many a question...

How do we create stationery certain to capture the enchantment and beauty of a Christmas woodland wedding?
How do we design an invitation to give Anna and Cameron's guests a 'sneak peek' into their majestic location wedding without revealing too much?

After much deliberation and careful thought, we veered towards a somewhat vintage, old-fashioned wedding stationery suite with botanical elements, (afterall we are set in the heart of Banff National Park) and so with the printing of forest trees throughout the suite we bring some of the pristine wildnerness into the stationery too!

Using a colour palette of eggplant, ivory and kraft paper, accompanied by a variety of tactile papers and ink colours of earthy brown and burnt orange, we could create a warm, cosy, festive and rustic suite for Anna and Cameron.





The ivory card and classic fonts work fabulously to contract the natural tones and the 'brown paper bag' feel bought by the kraft paper.

The monogram stamp on the RSVP card is a lovely touch which subtly hints at a location wedding - it just adds a little element of travel



Creating the perfect wedding stationery for Anna and Cameron was a thrilling project for us at Urban Weddings! Congratulations A&C! x

Tue, 4 Dec 12

Wishing y'all a Snap Happy Christmas!

December means that you have all been putting your Christmas decorations up, the tree is adorned in all it’s glory, you have now mastered the art of procrastination where buying presents are concerned (if you hadn’t already), you aren’t seen to be abnormal if you have suddenly developed an addiction for mince pies… and you have sent your Christmas holiday cards, right?...

I’m sure you are all prepared and ready for Santa’s annual arrival and this year, so are we!

Somewhere in amongst my Christmas cheer, I bring forth to you exciting news from Kangaroo Point - It’s our first Christmas in our new, luxurious showroom! Wahoo! This is oh, so exciting and we’ve had so much fun decorating our new space ready for some festive frolic! In fact, you should come and see our sparkly ‘White Christmas’ window display. In the sweltering heat of the day there is nothing more refreshing than an icy, cold, frosty, blue and silver Christmas window (the window recess is almost like an ice box, it looks so cool, chilled and inviting…I swear you almost cool down by admiring it.)   


...And for the perfect White Christmas you need lots of… that’s right, you guessed it… White. Freshly painted white walls, large frosted vintage glass windows and a big white tree and then simply throw in the blue for good measure. I think you would agree that all shades of blue look striking against white – pale blue, royal blue, aqua, turquoise and teal baubles embellish our beautiful white tree. We added a pinch of silver to the mix for the extra sparkle; not forgetting the glitter and sequins – we couldn’t resist, it just looks so magical. 


I absolutely love, love, love our hanging vintage windows and the rustic peeling of paint. They add depth and dimension to our display. Our sparkling, ornate metallic décor best compliments the soft white frame, aiming for simplicity, elegance and delicious glamour. With the round table and Brentwood chairs it just reminds me of a romantic meal for two at Christmas… Ahhh, dreamy. 

I think we may have just struck the right balance between modern and vintage with our Christmas décor... I am now covered in glitter and fairy dust. Time to CHILL out. 


Tue, 20 Nov 12

1950's Prom Night Invitation.

This is an invtation only fit for Prom King and Queens.

Our newest edition to our invitation selection is this old-school, vintage '1950's Prom Night' 30th Birthday ticket, designed for Katrina.

Needless to say, this ticket-style invitation relies solely on a handful of well chosen, retro fonts in a few varying colours; with very minimal imagery... And it's only printed on plain white cardstock and it just looks so effective! The spacing and stripped back colour palette just appears effortless. The emphasis is placed firmly on the text and so with a little careful thought and clever positioning we can let our typography 'talk the talk', (so to speak.)

Some would agree that our ticket looks fresh, cool, innovative and trendy... But typographic design is an art form from way back before the (apple of our eye) MacBook or Instagram; it's been around for donkey's years - And, we don't even take a second look.

Fortunately for all fellow design pioneers out there, just like every other aspect of fashion; trends cycle. Thankfully, vintage typography reigns again in the world of stationery and we can take our own view and do our own quirky, wierd and wonderful things with it!

This invitation reminds me of a time when we were less dependent on technology, a time when design was still very raw but required so much skill and tecnhique.

We love the perforated admission ticket to - it is just sooo groovy! The 'Admit Two' tear-off just makes me think of a circus or carnival...

Let's hope you like this design as much as we do. Happy 30th Birthday Katrina, we hope all of your guests 'roll up!' and that you have a fabulous Prom Night!


Sun, 18 Nov 12

All things bright and beautiful, all invites great and small.

All things bright and beautiful, all invites great and small..,

All things bright and beautiful, all invites great and small, 
All things wise and wonderful, Urban Weddings made them all.

That is how it goes right?

Monday, Monday and it's back to work for us. I hope you all spent your weekends wisely! 

With numerous Christmas functions fast approaching on the horizon and with nowhere near enough dresses hanging in the wardrobe, the (somewhat secret) mission to seek out the perfect party dress fell upon us this weekend - and, with the thunderstorm about to hit hard overhead, what better way to get out of the rain than to go on a well deserved shopping spree?!


It was intense, costly but inspirational… And we just have to share it with you.

At Urban Weddings, as you may have gathered, we like cute things. We like pretty things. We like glamour. We like abstract. We like colour. We like all things bright and beautiful. And yes, we do like Floral too.

So when we found the perfect
it was all of the above –
pretty cute, very glamorous, with a
positively abstract, digital,
floral pattern in every bright and
beautiful colour you could think of…
and we just HAD to have it.

Plus, I thought it was about time
that we engaged this festivity
in floral style and look blooming
fabulous whilst we are at it too!

Our fantastically floral garment has inspired us to create probably one of our brightest and most beautiful stationery designs yet. Have you ever seen a dress with stationery to match?
…Nope? We hadn’t either; but what a funky, fruity, floral, fresh and fascinating idea, don’t you agree?

This got us thinking (which can be dangerous) and we were now drawn to a variety of floral designs – it is true to say that bursts of floral colour allures a crowd and this is just what took our floral fancy for our stationery.
So, we have extracted all of the elements we liked about our dress, like fruit extract, slammed it into the juicer and put it onto paper. (Obviously, not literally.) But the paper has absorbed all of the juice, colour and fun that we so desired to create our bright and beautiful floral frenzy!



 We have designed a wedding suite consisting of layer upon layer (upon layer, upon layer) of tantalizing flowers, so vivid and zesty that it could pass for edible ;) - This spectacular array of colour in one burst is so electrifying it captivates guests and you just cannot resist admiring the dazzling beauty. Colour is so powerful and this stationery suite is certainly not shy. In fact, quite the opposite it is bold, lively and astonishing.

Our wish: If we have a fixation for all things patterned in flora and if floral print is making it’s comeback and reigning trend this season; dominating miniskirts, jersey dresses, silk blouses, scarves, clutch bags… and the list is ever growing, then, why oh why, can’t it flourish all over our wedding stationery?

Thu, 15 Nov 12

Have a Ball... @ Victoria Park Golf Complex!

Wedding Open Night, Thursday 18th October 2012

Urban Weddings made our somewhat glamorous appearance at the Victoria Park Golf Complex Wedding Open Night, held on Thursday 18th October 2012. Attending not only to sample Victoria Park’s exquisite canapés and beverages, but also to show off our latest stationery designs! 

Perfectly positioned in the marquee, only a stumble away from the champagne bar and situated immediately next to the cake stand; we simply could not have been more content… And, I have to say, those rum balls were truly scrumptious – if only I could eat one right now… But – back to business – It was great to participate in such a busy and prestigious event and to talk with some of Brisbane’s future ‘blushing brides’! Victoria Park is a superbly versatile wedding venue; with six unique settings to choose from, this complex literally caters for any style of wedding event – and we created stationery to suit them all.

Spring Ombre


One of my personal favourites has to be the ‘Spring Ombre’ style wedding suite, set in the Alabaster room. The French term ‘Ombre’ meaning ‘shadowed’ or ‘shaded’ certainly inspired a beautifully designed room for a reception. The ribbon backdrop of dusky pink to deep, rich violet hanging behind the bridal table was absolutely stunning and the room was bursting with vibrant florals and life; just perfect for a Spring/Summer wedding. Just let the colours of your imagination flow – it’s a breathtaking transition from tranquil, soft and fresh tones through to strong, vivid and intense colour.

We created these gorgeous table Menus. Situated at the heart of the table, the brightly coloured ‘painterly’ design is so striking and eye-catching. You really cannot miss them. They compliment the floral centerpieces perfectly and liven up the mood. Everybody loves colour.

We also love our quirky little place cards. These are very subtle, yet very sweet and designed to match the table menus; they are small but mighty effective. We chose to position these at random on the napkins, but get this... you can pin them, you can hang them, you can pretty much do all sorts with them. Hanging them as escort cards always makes for some light entertainment and amusement as people search through for their name to find their table at the reception!

It's All Yellow

Pretty yellow, teamed with grey and black and a striking chevron pattern – just because we’re loving all things bright and beautiful… And colourful and retro!|
These modern individual table menus, with the striking block-colour pattern are so current and yellow certainly seems to be very popular throughout our stationery diary at the moment.Whether it’s a splash of soft lemon yellow to bring some warmth and sunshine to the table, or a bold, vivid flood of yellow – it always brightens the day.

There is a Summery and botanical element to this wedding stationery suite. The tri-fold table numbers look so fresh and clean-cut, accompanied by the yellow daffodils in the centre of the table. I’m sure you’d agree, you only need a touch of yellow in your wedding and it is transformed. I especially gravitate toward this ‘colour combo’ and I just don’t know what it is. Ob-sessed. Maybe it’s because our mind is meandering along peacefully with the crisp, clean, white background and monotonous grey and then… POP! In comes the vibrance and cheer of the yellow to say hello, and it has us hooked. You can marry grey and yellow any day and they get along so sweetly.

Oh, and another fact we have learnt today… Apparently the colour yellow boosts the body’s metabolism. It is said to produce a warming effect, arouse cheerfulness, stimulate mental activity and therefore generate muscle activity. There you go, you don’t have to feel so bad about the cupcakes now, just have a yellow wedding ;)

Back to Black


We could ramble on about about colour palettes and stationery trends forever and a day but there is nothing more enchanting than classic black and white. It's elegant and understated. 

In this case, we have used contrasting stripes throughout this suite and they are striking and demure all at once. Black and white is a bold statement and so ‘vogue’ in the modern day. This stationery suite is sharp and chic and oozes stylish ambience – and this is just a glimpse of how black and white creates the formal beginnings on which to base your gorgeous wedding suite. 

It was a pleasure to attend the open night and I will sign off for now to get some more work done! x

Thu, 15 Nov 12

Styling Collective

We now share our beautiful new Kangaroo Point showroom with the Styling Collective, experts in event styling and decorations.

The recent wedding for Haidee and Jack was styled by Corinne and her team, who not only arrived very early in the morning to create the look, but came back very late at night to pack everything down and take it away.

At the ceremony, Styling Collective provided Tiffany Chairs, chandeliers hung from the tree branches and jars for flowers hung from the chairs, the aisle runner, a welcome mirror and stand, san pellegrino for the guests and much more.

At the reception, they provided damask table overlays and other linens, a selection of different vases and vessels for the centrepieces, an enormous amount of tealights and the glass jars that hung over the dance floor. Gold Charger plates were placed at each place setting, chandeliers were hung over the bridal table, lounge areas were created outside, and the crystal trees really 'wowed' guests as they entered the terrace. A very clever idea was sourcing the table number stands, which are actually antique shaving mirrors.


Corinne says... 'Wedding Styling is about storytelling and we were thrilled to help create a fairytale wedding for our beautiful couple Haidee and Stuart. Elegant vintage glamour was given a contemporary twist with splashes of colour. Haidee wanted a night her guests would remember and she certainly delivered that promise with tea lights on mass hung over the dance floor, chandeliers, our gorgeous LED trees, comfy lounge settings to the terrace and a custom designed table centerpiece incorporating mercury bottles, jars, standing mirrors and amazing florals by Bouquet Boutique. Thanks Haidee and Stuart for allowing us to create your magic wedding!'

Corinne would like to offer a special for November 2012 - she's putting $50 towards your centrepieces!  Please call her to discuss the offer, or any of  your styling requirements on 07 3217 4610.

Wed, 14 Nov 12

Whitebrook Events

Whitebrook Events

I'm going to do my best to convey how much of a difference the girls from Whitebrook Events made to the organisation and flow of Haidee and Jack's wedding day.

The ceremony was held at Shafston House at East Brisbane.  A boat would then collect guests from the Shafston house Jetty, taking them for a cruise along the river, collecting the Bridal Party along part of the way, and delivering them to the reception on time, where guests would then need to be ushered up to the Brisbane Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre Sky Room, which, being brand new wasn't all that well known or easy to find.

For 95 guests (including children), this could have been a logistical nightmare.  One photographer was required on the boat, the other back at the reception early to take room shots.  The DJ was one of the guests but also had to be back at the reception early to setup.  The control freak Maid of Honour (yes, it was I..) hates boats, but had to be in the Bridal Party photos, and REALLY wanted to make sure all of the stationery was looking good on those tables...

Rebecca Whitehouse (owner / director of Whitebrook) had all the answers.  She came up with solutions to problems we hadn't even thought of.  She presented us with a list of tasks we didn't even realise would need to be completed, and we ended up completing them early - not having to worry about them the day before the wedding.

And then there's the run sheet.  Oh my, this run sheet was phenomenal. It was dispersed to all bridal party members, mums, dads, speakers, suppliers.  Everyone at this event knew what was happening and when.  Awesome.

Each bridesmaid was prompted by Rebecca at each point in the entrance song that one was supposed to start walking.  Refreshments miraculously appeared straight after the ceremony and kept being refilled and handed out to thirsty guests.

As the Shafston Jetty re-build was unfortunately not finished as promised by the wedding date, guests were transported on buses to the boat.  The Bride, Groom and Bridal Party didn't need to worry about this at all.  We were whisked off for photos, and Rebecca and her team organised the convoy.

I skipped the boat (what a shame ;) and went with one of the photographers and DJ to the reception.  Almost everything was perfect - the lighting that BCEC had created was a little, lets say, 'Commonwealth Games Green and Gold' - very Australiana, but not really what the Bride was going for.

Walkie talkies out, Theresa from Whitebrook was onto it immediately, and within minutes a lighting hero was in the room, changing the display.  Sorted.

Fast forward to the arrival of guests to Southbank, and beautiful Krystel (shown above) was at the boat to escort guests to BCEC.  Mobile in hand, text messaged the Whitebrook Reception team: 'Guests en-route'. 

Guests were ushered onto the terrace, and the bridal party was ushered into a pre-organised room.  Wait staff appeared with snacks and drinks, countdowns were given and in no time at all we were entering the room - we didn't have to worry about anything - Rebecca simply tapped on the shoulder (or in some instances... mainly for the boys, used a pleasant, but assertive loud voice) and we knew where to be.

The entire night was the same.  Tap on the shoulder - 'The speeches will commence in 10 minutes'.  Tap on the shoulder - 'The Bride and Groom are required over at the cutting of the cake'.  Quick dash to the kitchen - 'Soda required, Bride has spilt beetroot on her dress' (Yes, that really happened).

I really don't know what the day would have been like, had we not had Rebecca and her team there.  If you are planning a wedding, I  urge you to call Rebecca.  She is a wealth of knowledge, she knows everything that could go wrong, and she will have a plan to attack it before it happens.  She will make the Groom write his speech.  She will ring the hair and makeup to confirm arrival times.  She will even drive to ikea to pick up essential hooks which the absent minded Maid of Honour forgot to get. She is fantastic.  And her team are marvellous!

Mon, 12 Nov 12

The Wedding Collective

Urban Weddings recenty contributed to 'The Wedding Collective' - an evening of innovation and inspiration; dedicated to showcasing select wedding industry identities, creating a visual and sensual showcase and realising wedding dreams!

It was a fabulous night and thoroughly revelled in the opportunity of showcasing the work we do here.

And the crowd starts to arrive...

We even created the brochures for the event:


We are huge fans of the 'paddle fan!' - they're cool, stylish, fun and totally compliment the beach inspired wedding stationery suite or any outdoor event.
And... with the hot Summer fast approaching, why not double up with an order of service and more importantly the ultimate fan to keep your guests cool?! Awesome! 
Assembled with two pieces of card and a natural wooden handle and personalised with a greeting or message, they are simply a stunning way of welcoming and thanking your guests and as you can see; when the cool of the evening sets in they make for the perfect table decor (or a great keepsake from your special day!)

The Beach Wedding Suite was both tranquil and relaxing. Time to kick-back and relax with the fan, I think! 

Vintage Glamour

Two words we love at Urban Weddings. 'Vintage' and 'Glamour.

There is a beautiful and classic nature surrounding a vintage glamour inspired wedding. Elegant, soft, romantic, feminine and a little whimsical - all at once. 

To compliment the dreamy pastel floral arrangements, we used a colour palette of antique gold, ivory, pale pink with a hint of smoky grey within these gorgeously delicate and intricate stationery designs. With a touch of ribbon and lace, we could captivate this subtle vintage glamour romance. 

BUT. (And there is always a BUT.) How could we resist but to bring the bold vintage feel to the table? We ADORE our alternative vintage table numbers; they are so bright, cheerful, vivid and DARING! We are just waiting on the Bride who will take the plunge and go for these!
Also, do you see those round stickers? They are just perfect for your favour boxes, jars or table treats and we love designing these too! 


There is nothing like a bit of 'Moroccan' to spice up your wedding day!
The vibrancy if this traditional, brightly coloured, Marakesh style wedding suite never fades in the memory.

Against the romantic, candle-lit room, alongside the rich floral arrangement, we made our impact with deep red and gold stationery to enhance this sultry style. Incorporating a middle eastern pattern on each place card; it made for a more exotic feel. Personally, I love our Napkin Wrap Menus - they look fabulous against the red charger plates and white napkins. What an ideal way to engage your guests in preparation to feast?!


 Time for some more creation.

In amongst this natural wedding suite, where there seems to be a lot of greenery, rustic elements and a nice, earthy feel we decided to design our very own Chalkboard Tags! On wooden sticks they positioned perfectly amongst the foliage and flower pots and definitely bought an element of 'play' to the garden party!
The use of wood as an alternative material is a more appropriate and durable stationery concept for an outdoor, garden style wedding suite.
We think they're fabulous.

Sat, 16 Jun 12

Amanda and Scott

In a side street in Fortitude Valley, behind this brick facade and gorgeous door, awaits an opulent interior ready to wow you.

I've just returned from stalking Amanda and Scott's wedding - being celebrated in here later tonight! Imagine the photo ops even just by using this beautiful lounge in the entry...

The venue is so beautiful that adding much to it really isn't necessary, so we created this complimenting seating plan and these chocolate wrappers (which double as place cards).

The comfy lounge area in the adjoining room is just waiting for boys in suits! While at the other end, this circular lounge for gorgeous gossipy girls! Love it! Congratulations Amanda and Scott!

Wed, 13 Jun 12

Jane and Timothy

We've just added new images to our "Bespoke work" page of the work we created for our clients,
Jane and Timothy. Here's a sample...

For the full story, click here.

Wed, 13 Jun 12

June News

Our latest newsletter has just been sent, with exclusive info on how to register for the Wedding Collective's Gala Event on the 3rd July.

To view the entire newsletter, click here! To view the video from last year's event, click here!

We recently took part in a photography shoot for the Wedding Collective:

Here's some behind the scenes pics from the day ;)

So much fun!